Employee Engagement

The success of gategroup depends on the performance and dedication of our people. At gategroup we encourage an open and inclusive work environment so that our employees are informed, have a voice and feel valued.

Collaborative communication across the organization keeps us connected and improves awareness about what is happening at gategroup.

All interactions represent opportunities to share information and ensure effective communications:
  • Team meetings, shift briefing and conferences
  • Employee related processes e.g. appraisals and performance related discussions
  • People-based programs aimed at offering support and promoting personal welfare
  • Team events and celebrations – celebrating a job well done!
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
Global Intranet

To reach our people across gategroup, we share Information globally on our intranet such as: company and industry news, messages from our leadership, key calendar events, policies, departmental information, vacancies, organizational changes and recognition of key achievements. Relevant information is also placed on noticeboards locally.

Employee Surveys

The opinions of our people are highly valued and so, to gather their feedback, we introduced an employee engagement survey in 2013 which is now being rolled out across the company. This provides us with comprehensive and transparent insights into what can be improved in our organization, from our employees’ perspective. We frequently ask for employee feedback and involvement, to ensure that our peoples’ opinions are gathered and appropriate actions are subsequently undertaken.