About gategroup

Our Strategy

gategroup’s Gateway 2020 strategy is based on four pillars for increased focus and simplification.

Focus on the Core – gategroup is reinforcing and growing its leadership position in airline catering and buy on board leveraging available skills and facilities, with a clear focus on core competencies and a distinct go-to-market approach as ‘one gategroup’ through the integration of brands geographically.

Commercial Innovation – The Group is highly focused on its global airline customer base and is strengthening its commercial capabilities to expand the business and retail on board turnover through market-leading technology and innovation, supported by data-driven insights. A new global innovation center was created to deliver the most innovative, airline-customized offering tailored to specific passenger needs. Focused investments in technology will help ensure gategroup’s more progressive offering for airline customers and their passengers. A clear focus has been set to improve the full travel experience of the passenger.

Geographic Expansion – A renewed focus on emerging markets and up-and-coming carriers operating in this important region are at the core of gategroup’s geographic growth plan, largely centered around airport locations in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, as well as Africa and Latin America and airlines based in the emerging markets, playing an increasing role in the global market.

Standardization and Efficiency – gategroup is driving cost optimization through the introduction of zero based budgeting, further streamlining of its internal structure, global standardization of its operating practices, and enhanced global procurement. This will bring about simplification within the organization with greater clarification of roles and responsibilities.

Collectively, the Gateway 2020 strategy is set to deliver annual revenue growth of 3-5% and an increase in EBITDA margin of between 0.25 and 0.5 percentage points annually, leading to improved cash generation further supported by tax, finance and working capital initiatives.