Investing in gategroup

Share Information

An outline of gategroup's capital structure, share registration, disclosure of shareholdings and analysts coverage.

  • Capital Structure

    The current capital structure of the Company is as follows:


    Number of Shares

    Amount in CHF

    Issued Capital



    Conditional Capital



    Authorized Capital





    All shares of gategroup Holding AG are registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 5 each. Shares are fully paid in, have equal voting rights and entitle the owners to the same share in the company's assets and profits. The shares are listed at the SIX Swiss Exchange.

    Conditional Capital

    The Company has a conditional capital of CHF 11,745,885 which may be used for the issuance of shares through the exercise of option rights in connection with employee participation plans (in an amount not to exceed CHF 1,906,775 by the issuance of up to 381,355 shares) and through the exercise of conversion and/or option rights in connection with convertible financing instruments and/or by the exercise of options (in an amount not to exceed CHF 9,839,110 by the issuance of up to 1,967,822 shares).

    Authorized Capital

    The Company has an authorized share capital of CHF 13,277,065, authorizing the Board of Directors of the Company to issue up to 2,655,413 shares by no later than April 16, 2016.

  • Share Registration

    gategroup shares need to be registered with:
    Devigus Shareholder Services
    Birkenstrasse 47
    CH-6343 Rotkreuz/ Zug  
    Phone: +41 41 798 48 33
    Fax: +41 41 798 48 49

    In order to have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting, your shares need to be registered in the share register. Please be advised that you cannot register your shares personally; you need to ask your bank to register these shares for you.

  • Disclosure of Shareholdings

    Shareholdings in companies that are domiciled in Switzerland and have at least a portion of their shares listed in Switzerland must be reported to the company in question and the SIX Swiss Exchange if the shareholdings exceed, fall below or reach certain thresholds. The thresholds are 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 33 1/3, 50 and 66 2/3 % of the voting rights. Details are set out in the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading (SESTA) and Stock Exchange Ordinance-FINMA (SESTO-FINMA).

    In any such cases, shareholders have the legal obligations to notify the gategroup Holding AG (Issuer) and the SIX Swiss Exchange simultaneously within four trading days. 

    Notifications addressed to the Issuer should be sent to:
    Fax: +41 44 533 7172

    For more information about significant shareholders’ obligations please refer to: