Our Products and Services

Our brands offer a broad range of products and services to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions.

Airport Services

Airlines and airports around the world look to gategroup as a proven partner in airport services.

We specialize in passenger hospitality and behind-the-scenes services, always with a primary focus on safety and quality.

  • Airport Lounges

    Through its Performa team, gategroup offers airlines and airports bespoke design, development and operational management of award-winning lounge services. Performa helps its customers define tailor-made lounge service strategies befitting their unique brands, and then works closely with other gategroup companies to deliver on tactical needs and to create an environment of true hospitality for the well-heeled business or leisure traveler.

    Contact Performa and create a premium lounge operation today.

  • Commissary, Cleaning, Passenger and Ramp Services

    Gate Aviation provides a number of comprehensive services for airlines operating in locations across the United States, England, Ireland and Australia.

    These include:
    • Light provisioning and "commissary" type services such as assembly and bar packing; top off services; and lounge support services
    • Cleaning carts and equipment, airport terminals and aircraft cabins
    • A full range of passenger and ramp services, such as skycap, wheelchair, electric cart operation, departure control, lavatory and water service, aircraft marshaling, and baggage handling
    • Cargo receiving as well as transport and delivery, complete with customs clearance
    • A variety of aircraft and airport maintenance, including ground support equipment and jet bridge maintenance

    Contact us today for more information about Gate Aviation‘s on-aircraft or ground services.