Our Products and Services

Our brands offer a broad range of products and services to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions.

Network Solutions

gategroup has decades of experience in delivering goods and services around the globe, optimized for space and passenger preference, in a cost-efficient and fully integrated, end-to-end approach.

Partnering with gategroup and our companies will give you complete confidence that your catering logistics, onboard retail programs and related technology are fully managed across your network.

  • Onboard Retail Services
    gategroup’s Gate Retail Onboard (GRO) company develops, operates and manages profitable retail programs for airlines around the world. Working as a single partner with its airline customers, GRO represents the full complement of gategroup’s comprehensive services to bring you:
    • Innovative product and service solutions - from food and beverages to merchandise selection and sourcing – reflecting the latest trends and passenger preferences
    • Data visibility and determining optimal boarding amounts to minimize waste
    • Cash and credit handling processes, controls and audit procedures
    • Performance measurement throughout the entire value chain

    For more information, contact Gate Retail Onboard.

  • Airline Technology Solutions

    Our eGate Solutions team offers airlines leading technology solutions for passenger service planning and fulfillment.

    Our end-to-end solution features comprehensive back-end business intelligence and reporting via a centralized portal to supplement the following proprietary services:
    • IFX™ - State-of-the-art business applications for managing the full onboard-service process
    • GP™ - Complete galley planning, ordering and scheduling
    • TS™ - Feature-rich cabin management and onboard retail technology

    For more information about eGate Solutions, click here.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions

    As a fourth-party logistics provider (4PL), gategroup’s Pourshins team manages the full 3PL spectrum to ensure suppliers deliver on key metrics, most importantly the accurate volume and timing of shipments from regional warehousing centers throughout the catering network, based on projected demand. Airlines also have access to Pourshins’ own global network of logistic partners across 5 continents serving more than 650 airports around the world.

    To ensure the cost-efficient management of your total supply chain, with complete visibility and control at every point, contact Pourshins.