Our differentiators

Delivering unparalleled and innovative retail solutions.

The core pillars of our retail expertise are what sets us apart and enables us to deliver unparalleled and innovative retail solutions.

Business Insight
Data is at the heart of everything we do. Leveraging our suite of advanced analytic tools, we generate insights from across the retail cycle to make faster, better business decisions. Working with our airline partners, we are able to better understand the individual preferences of their customers in order to deliver a seamless, superior onboard retail experience.

Category Management
Using our Business Insight, we take great care in creating a consumer offer that reflects our airlines’ brand values, exceeding passengers’ expectations and boosting profits. By building close relationships with our world-leading suppliers along with local domestic partners, our Category experts can develop exciting, bespoke retail propositions that deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Crew Training and Engagement
Our mission is to deliver innovative and engaging training solutions, developing a knowledgeable, competent, skilled sales force that drive onboard revenue, whilst enhancing the customer experience. The crew community and the environment they work within is unique and incomparable to any other retail outlet. The customer profile constantly changes, and crew need to be able to adapt and deliver exceptional customer service in their ever-changing environment. Therefore, we have developed a multi-faceted engagement model designed for the modern crew on the move, which comprises initiatives to keep your crew engaged, develop skills and boost sales.

Our new Crew Portal is a one-stop-solution for Crew Training & Engagement, providing information and insights to improve & track crew performance. This simple, yet highly effective Portal offers integrated communications and training to crew anywhere, anytime. This AI-powered learning technology elevates the Crew experience by producing deeper personalization to boost engagement.

Omnichannel Communication
We cut through the noise, build awareness and solve travelers’ challenges and needs. We strive to deliver a seamless, relevant and friction-free experience beyond expectations, whether on-board or on the ground, through digital or analog channels. The right content through the right channel at the right time to the right person. With AI, data and clever people as enablers, we maximize engagement, loyalty and conversion - we sell smarter!

Commercial Technology
We use technology as a key enabler to deliver a unique and personalized passenger experience. The gateretail platform touches the consumer from the start of their journey and follows them through all stages using our unique commercial technology. Our vision is to give the customer the control and choice everybody takes for granted when on the ground. Turning captive passengers into captivated customers.

Operational Excellence
Operational excellence is a core foundation of our business meaning we can deliver profitable and sustainable retail programs by ensuring that all the basics are in place to operate these programs as efficiently as possible at all times.