Retail innovation

Improving the total travel experience.

Industry leadership comes from our ability to innovate and deliver.

By working closely with our Insight and Category teams and our Innovation Center of Excellence, we understand global consumer trends and insight, we challenge the status-quo and enable our airline partners to improve their total travel  experience.

There are two sides to innovation. One side is all about the what - the idea as in the product, service or experience that inspired you. The other side is all about the how - as in what you need to do in order to deliver that new idea and ensure it works seamlessly.

Our Innovation to Reality process ensures we are agile and skilled in both so we can move seamlessly from idea to trial to exceptional execution. This process starts with ‘inspiration’ such as a sudden brilliant or timely idea. This then moves along a journey of measuring and understanding the consumer and commercial opportunity, prototyping and testing the business case and then make the reality happen.