Connecting with Generation C

Connecting with Generation C

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The new force in consumer culture is always online and values originality and connection. Using the right channels with relevant content is key to engaging with this increasingly influential group.

Generation C is not a rigid category defined by date of birth but an inclusive concept to describe people who share a certain attitude and mindset. In fact, Generation C comprises people of any age, although 80 percent of millennials belong to it. Members of Generation C are constantly connected to the internet. They value creativity, relevance and originality and they actively create and curate content on social media, preferring online outlets over traditional media.

With technology becoming an ever more integral part of our lives, Generation C is fast becoming the new force in consumer culture. Traditional ways of connecting with potential customers and persuading them to buy tend to have little effect on this group of people. Spending most of their time online, advertisements in traditional media are likely to go unnoticed. And even if advertising does reach them, it will often not resonate with the values of Generation C, who are much more likely to trust reviews and testimonials published online by friends and influencers. Generation C also values experiences higher than owning things so they are less inclined to buy things if they can use them as part of the sharing economy.


To push Generation C’s buttons, companies must understand their values and connect with them in meaningful ways. They need to engage with them online and through social media with content that is relevant and answers Generation C’s penchant for originality. Given that Generation C are early adopters with growing influence, companies should at a minimum begin to start connecting with this group in meaningful ways. Ideally, companies should go much further and design their offering to match the specific preferences and correspond to the values of this growing force in consumer culture.

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