Creating authentic local flavour profiles around the world

Creating authentic local flavor profiles around the world

Ethnic cuisines are on the rise and airlines adapt their culinary offering to the changing taste. Around the globe, gategroup’s accomplished specialized chefs cater to the appetite for authentic ethnic food. 

Globalization and demographic shifts are the driving forces behind a growing appetite for authentic ethnic cuisines around the world. Migration and increased global mobility mean more and more people, especially of the younger generations, have foreign roots and are interested in a variety of ethnic tastes. Recent examples of this trend are the global triumph of sushi as well as the growing popularity of Thai, Mexican and Peruvian cuisines.   

For many years, airlines and especially national carriers have been taking local cuisines into account when designing their inflight menus to reflect their cultural identity and to please the palates of their passengers. This local focus often means creating menus for two distinct cuisines, one for the point of departure and one for the destination. With passengers becoming more and more accustomed to a variety of authentic ethnic cuisines, airlines see this as an opportunity to differentiate their product and adapt their offering.

For a company with a global presence like gategroup, this means mastering a many ethnic cuisines around the globe. gategroup hires accomplished chefs who have the necessary experience and familiarity with the local flavor profile to ensure an authentic product. These chefs also act as a point of contact for the airline customer; improving communications and knowledge regarding these new and innovative dishes. 

More responsibility creates more room for creativity and makes the position more attractive for employees. As demand for specialized chefs is not being limited to a certain location, a global organization like gategroup can offer opportunities in many places and avenues for professional development. These factors make it easier to attract talent, including distinguished chefs, with years of fine dining experience who are looking for a new challenge. The empowerment of our chefs has resulted in creative culinary talent, an authentic product and a differentiated offering that resonates with travelers.