Unlocking the value of data

Unlocking the value of data

Combining our retail platforms with intelligent analytics allows us to use data to better understand and serve airline customers.

Data is key to unlocking value in the digital age, when more and more devices and systems become connected and integrated. This also applies to airline retail where the introduction of WiFi connectivity onboard aircraft and integrated systems opens up new possibilities.

Digitalization enables the customers to be in control of their own journey through their own devices no matter if it’s on ground or on board.  It enables an extension of the offering to also seamlessly purchase movies, music, travel, and WiFi packages. Just as important as offering a seamless experience for travelers is the ability to cater the offering to passenger product preferences. 

Whether it’s previous behavior in the platform, third party data from a weather service and instagram, all sources play an important role in maximizing the relevancy and choice for the passenger. Through machine learning, the algorithms constantly get smarter and better at optimizing sales and satisfaction. At the same time, data can be analyzed to more accurately predict demand which results in less waste and supports airlines in achieving their sustainability goals.

So welcome to a new predictive and automated future!