gategroup Supports Young Culinary Talents from Zurich’s Vocational School for Culinary Arts

gategroup is a premium supporting partner of Food Zurich, one of the largest food festivals in Europe. Together with Food Zurich, gategroup has also partnered with Zurich’s Vocational School for Culinary Arts, the Allgemeine Berufsschule Zürich ABZ.

[Zurich, Switzerland]. [June 13, 2024] Once a year, the Food Zurich festival takes place over the course of eleven days throughout the greater Zurich area with more than 100 events all focused on the culinary arts. On June 6th, 2024, Food Zurich was inaugurated with its traditional opening party at the legendary Jelmoli Food Market. At the dinner, gategroup proudly presented six flavorful dishes designed and prepared by talented culinary students from the Allgemeine Berufsschule Zürich ABZ.

For gategroup, it is vital to support the young culinary talents that represent the future of cuisine. To support these talents of tomorrow, a team of 18 students from the Talent Class of this school were given a deliciously interesting challenge by gategroup: to create entree dishes aligned with Food Zurich’s 2024 theme of “nostalgia,” evoking the magical world of childhood through the spirit of traditional home cooking.

The students from the talent class visited gategroup’s kitchens back in April, to present 13 creative proposals that were evaluated and tasted by our team of experts. A professional jury, consisting of chefs from gategroup’s culinary team, as well as from our lounges and event brand, uqonic, had the difficult task of selecting the best dishes. Under the professional guidance of our gategroup chefs, the students continued working on the six winning dishes of this competition to fine tune the recipes. Finally, they had the opportunity to present their creations during the opening night of Food Zurich, where they served these delicious entrees to over 1,000 guests.

“The students performed impeccably at the opening of Food Zurich,” said Oliver Fisher, Director of Culinary Excellence at gategroup. “Despite the buzzing crowd, these young chefs remained focused on delivering the most innovative dishes of their careers so far. Some of their dishes stood out remarkably, rivalling, if not surpassing, those of the acclaimed chefs also participating in the event.”

After the big success of our emerging culinary stars on this important debut, their dishes will also be served at uqonic airport lounges in Switzerland and across Europe.

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