Treating people fairly


Empowering our communities and fostering a diverse & inclusive culture

We recognize the importance of building a company culture in which our broad and diverse internal communities can thrive. We believe that by breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive environment, we can harness the power of our differences and achieve our collective goals. By investing in our employees, communities, and stakeholders, we are laying the foundation for a better future for all.

Health, safety and worker protection

Group-wide operational health and safety protocols set the relevant infrastructure and behavioral norms. The company encourages all colleagues to actively maintain and improve the culture of safety wherever they operate. To promote awareness and prevent accidents and injuries, continuous training on health and safety is provided to all employees.


Create an accountable, zero-incident culture.


  • Begin annual audit of health and safety policies, systems, and procedures, standardize these and create a roadmap for further improvements by 2025.
  • Cultivate a safe and welcoming working environment to continually reduce incidents with a target of 50% reduction on 2022 baseline by 2030.

We continue to assess the root causes of incidents that occur and to complete a roadmap for improvement, including enhanced internal procedures, training, and internal auditing tools, by 2025. Our mid- to long-term aspiration is to align all locations’ OHS practices with the ISO 14001 standard. In the meantime, our Madrid and Barcelona units received their official ISO 14001 accreditations in early March 2024.

Diversity, equity, inclusion (DE&I) & wellbeing


Create an industry-leading DE&I action plan and implement by 2025.


  • By 2030, increase gender balance at all levels, targeting over 1/3 representation of women in top 100 executives and lower/middle management.
  • By EoY 2025, establish a framework to recognize, support, and uplift the diversity and communities within our organization.

In 2023, we reaffirmed our commitment to providing an inclusive workplace where every individual feels valued and respected, regardless of their background or identity.

To advance our DE&I agenda, we launched a global awareness campaign “Challenge the Bias” and provided unconscious bias training to our leadership teams. Gender equity emerged as a primary focus area, with a set goal to “increase gender balance at all levels, targeting over one-third representation of women in top 100 executives and lower/middle management by 2030.” Our current efforts serve as a roadmap for expanding our diversity initiatives, with regional assessments and inclusive training sessions underway to drive meaningful change across our organization.

Respect for human rights and diversity remains ingrained in our corporate values, as reflected in our group-wide Code of Conduct and global Labor and Human Rights policy.

Community, social impact & labor rights


Create a group-wide community engagement strategy to foster social impact in our locations.


  • Each Region to identify and support at least one employee-selected local community project by 2024 and start measuring social contribution metrics by 2025.
  • Engage with our host communities to provide good work opportunities and a sustainable path for professional growth.

In 2023, we finalized our global procedure for community engagement activities, documented and published in early 2024. Our objective is to consolidate all charitable efforts under the theme “Food and Local Communities,” offering clear guidelines for our Regions to select specific causes.

Caring for
our planet




Take action now: report any misconduct concerns, and contribute to creating a speak-up culture that raises awareness and addresses issues.